Baltic TRAM Open data portal

Welcome to the e-infrastructure and case study library of the Baltic TRAM (Transnational Research Access in the Macroregion) project.

The Baltic TRAM project is an Interreg Baltic Sea Region project seeking to strengthen the relationship between analytical research institutions and businesses, linking expertise to concrete industrial needs. It operates in the Baltic Sea Region during the period November 2015 – February 2019.

The open data pilot is a data base of experiments and information. Its purpose is to test and validate a concept of open data access to material research measurements related to various industries. To achieve this purpose, the portal 1) collects data from at least 60 experiments implemented within the Baltic TRAM project, 2) provides businesses with information and options to access research & related business support services offered by analytical research facilities (ARFs), and systematically facilitated the network of industrial research centres (IReC), 3) defines and organises different levels of open data access, 4) acknowledges and positions the pilot in relation to the open data, open science and trade secret policies of the EU and Baltic TRAM partnership, and 5) liaises through the open data pilot with EU and national open access repositories, 6) encourages networking with other relevant projects and initiatives, and 7) disseminates the results of Baltic TRAM experiments to the public.